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Best Tips To Help You Market And Sell Your Web Design Services

How do I market my web design services?

This is the question that has plagued mankind since humans had something to sell......well, not the web design part.

Marketing is the hardest part of any business. Finding customers who want and could genuinely use your product or services is hard.

You see how I keep using the word hard, over and over again?

Marketing especially in web design is often met with a question mark because the problem is not advertising your services but where to advertise your services and how much money you should spend to get results.

In this article we will share five tips about where you can market your web design services.

Selling Tip #1 - Craigslist Marketing

I know, I know, don't even say it. "Craigslist? For web design marketing? But isn't craigslist for selling your couch or renting an apartment?"

Yes, you are right, you can market and sell many things on Craigslist including web design services. When we at AY Web Design first started marketing our web design services we used craigslist.

Here are the reasons why:

1. It's Cheap - ($5 per ad)

2. Easy

3. Customers - people do look for web designers on craigslist

4. Simple Format - (you don't have to worry about colors, themes ect..)

5. No commitment

Try marketing your web design services on craigslist (I market in the computer services section). The risk is minimal and the rewards can be great.

Another tip is to look at everyone else's ads for selling web design services and see which web design company you would choose if you were a customer. Then emulate what they did, but put your own original spin on it.

Selling Tip #2 - Google My Business Marketing

Let's just jump into what google my business is.

Google My Business - This is basically yelp and google maps rolled into one. Have you ever typed in a business type on google, like restaurant near me, and google populates a list of businesses in your area? That is google my business.


So why use Google My Business to market and sell your web design services?

1. Free - It is literally free marketing and everyone uses google

2.Reviews - Customers can put reviews which builds trust

3.Get Noticed - EVERYONE use google. Literally Everyone.

4.Free - Did I mention this is FREE marketing. The best kind.

Selling Tip #3 - Online Directory Marketing

Online directories are like the yellow pages but for specific business types, and online.

Online directories are great for marketing web design services because they are usually free and customers can find multiple web designers in one place.

Yes, this does create competition for you but that's not bad because if your price is right and you make yourself stand out from the other web designers you could be seen by many customers who could use your web design services.

Online directories are usually free which makes them a no risk way to market your web design services.

Here at AY Web Design we actually use web design directories and recently partnered with one called Design Rush. They even listed us as part of their Top 20 Web Designers in San Jose! :)

Design Rush directly pairs customers with web design agencies that fit the clients budget and goals, so check them out. They are free to use and setting up a profile is pretty easy.

Selling Tip #4 - Yelp

A lot of businesses have gotten noticed through Yelp which makes them a valuable player in the marketing arena. They are an online directory but since they allow people to search for all kinds of business instead of specific ones we did not include them in our online directory section.

Pros: Yelp is free and many people use yelp to to help them make their buying decisions. So there is a good chance of getting noticed there.

Something to Note: Yelp is free but if you really want to get noticed with badges and icons that make you stand out, you do have to pay. Also if you want to offer a discount ($50 for $100) yelp takes a large chunk of the profit from that deal.

One last thing if you don't touch your yelp profile for 4 months they un-assign your profile from you which leaves your business open for someone else to claim. So just be careful and make sure to update your profile.

There you have it. Our current top tips for marketing and selling your web design services online. If you need someone to review your website and tell you if it will attract customers ask us. Just go to our contact page and fill out the form.

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