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California Web Design

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

California is known for many things. Sun, beach, mountains, web design.......wait, web design?

California is an eclectic state with an eclectic feel. Drive around San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, West Hollywood, Venice Beach and you will find art, life and a lot of businesses. Put that all together and you get a beautiful state with talented artists who call themselves web designers.

What Is Web Design

Web Design is the art of creating beautiful websites that not only provide information but engage and draw customers in. Web design is an art because creating a stunning website requires understanding colors, abstracts, fonts, photography and more.


At AY Web Design we are California home grown. We embrace art, design, and business to give our clients one of a kind websites that their customers will love visiting. We help show your customers the value you offer that Yelp, Facebook and other platforms cannot capture because they don't reflect you. Don't get us wrong, it is definitely a good idea to use those marketing platforms for your business but nothing can sell you better than YOU.

Need a website? Visit our homepage in the above menu.

Oh hey, I forgot......We have also been recognized by Design Rush as one of the Top 20 Web Design Agencies in California.

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