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Is Web Design Hard?

YES.........THE END.

I know you were expecting a long post but the truth is web design is hard. It's just as hard as interior design, writing a book, photography, or architecture. Haha, no, it's definitely not has hard as architecture.

Seriously, web design is hard as anything creative typically is but is has the added frustration of programming which is a whole nother beast.

Web Design is the art of creating a website


To be a physical artist you have to enjoy visually creating things that tell a story, evoke an emotion or portray an esthetic. This is a very loose definition by the way. Anyhow as a web designer that is what you are doing. Creating something visually that will connect with or move people in some way.

With that said, if you do not like or enjoy visual art in some way, web design may not be for you. Imagine painting a landscape when you hate painting....

HARD REASON #1 - Like any artist, your work is never perfect and your mind changes allll the time as you create it.


Coming up with a design for a site is half the battle. The other half is creating it. You have a few ways to do this. 1. Coding (basically creating from scratch with html etc..) 2. Web Builder (a program that does the coding for you) 3. Pure Design (you create the design, someone else builds the site)

Coding is the hardest of the 3 ways you can create a website but the point is that you cannot create a design in your head and voila. You always have to use something to create your site whether it be your own brain, another person, or a program, and all of these things glitch. Yes, even people.

HARD REASON #2 - In order to create a website you need to use programs or tools that are often complicated or/and glitchy.


Web design is always changing. Just like fashion, you always have to keep up with the trends and just like fashion you have to create something very different in order to stand out.

Remember when websites use to be one page and not continuous scroll? Web design has trends that thankfully don't change as often as fashion but you still have to keep up on them and innovate.

HARD REASON #3 - You have to stay with the trends and innovate


Yes!! If you like art or design and you like it enough to withstand the headaches it can bring then do it. Luckily all the hurdles I mentioned are overcomeable as long as you stick with it and are willing to learn.

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